Rewire your brain for Happiness – Full Course (8 weeks)





This course is into the science of happiness and what makes us grown-ups flourish.
The purpose of this course is to enable you to understand the things that make YOU most happy and what will enable you to achieve them.
But what are the things that make YOU happy? You can find this out anytime by taking the VIA Survey of Character Strengths.
In this 8 week program you are invited to implement 8 activities that make us all happy  (e.g. savouring, meditating etc.). Then, at the end of the program, based on your VIA survey results, you will receive suggestions of activities meant to make YOU flourish.
Also, before starting this program, you are invited to take the PERMA test, to check how happy you are right now. And then, you will take the same test at the end of this program.


  1. ReWirement book with 8 activities (in electronic format)with detailed instructions on how to follow through and how to journal
  2. Access to the PERMA questionnaire, so that you can find out how happy you are before and after this program
  3. Access to the VIA Survey, so that you can find out what are your core strengths and 
  4. Based on your VIA survey results, you will receive suggestions of activities that will help you build your top 5 strengths
  1. Access to all our free guided meditation segments available in Free Content
  2. Access to all our free ReCreative Mindfulness workshops, where you get to create for mindfulness & relaxation (every such workshop includes a guided meditation segment; also, you get to use your own basic supplies: ruler, pen, scissors, double-sticky tape/glue stick, cardstock/thick paper and pattern or packing paper)
If you feel depressed or suffer from anxiety, you should contact a professional Therapist!


Hello! I’m Veronica, BA, MBA, Mindfulness, Wellbeing & Positive Psychology Coach
Being first a practitioner and then a teacher, my goal is to provide you with programs designed to bring joy and fulfilment in your life. Having experienced the highly therapeutic power of art and mindfulness, I love sharing ReCreative Mindfulness activities, rewirement exercises and calming meditation to help you find the reasons to be grateful for your life, relax, increase self-awareness & self-compassion, so that you can flourish and feel happier.
Hightlighted Background, Experience & Certifications:
  • Scrapbooking artist & instructor – since 2009 & 2014
  • Certified Mindfulness Teacher – Holbeck College, United Kingdom – April 2022
  • Certificate of Completion for the 8-weeks MBSR course – April 2022
  • Certificate of Completion for “The Science behind Wellbeing” – Yale University – May 2022
  • Specialization Course (6 months) in “Positive Psychology” – Pennsylvania University – Ongoing

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