Positive Psychology & Mindfulness Coach, Professional translator and a scrapbooking artist, Veronica Svanström has over 16 years of extensive experience in entrepreneurship, both in Romania and Sweden, with another 7 years previously spent in the public and NGO sectors.

With a degree in Foreign Language Studies and a Master’s degree in EU Funds’ Management, Veronica has a broad life experience with which she can support clients in their coaching process.

“Friends and acquaintances have always told me that im an uplifting person and that they feel very confortable around me. So I decided to put these abilities in the service of those around me. Objectively identifying and acknowledging our own unique strengths can be difficult, especially because in today’s societies there are too few opportunities for us to use our best qualities, or strengths. So my objective is to help you better understand yourself and empower you to use your best qualities toward reaching your goals. My end goal is to assist you in gaining engagement, meaning, better relationships and wellbeing. So whether you want to make a change in your mentality, habits or beliefs, to increase your performance, to develop your skills and level of inner calm, it will be my pleasure to be with you on this empowering journey.”

Highlighted Certifications:

  • MBSR course – Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction – January to April 2022
  • Certified Mindfulness Teacher – Holbeck College, United Kingdom – April 2022
  • “The Science behind Wellbeing” – Yale University – February to May 2022
  • Positive Psychology specialization course – Pennsylvania University – May to August 2022 (with Martin Seligman et al.)



I love scrapbooking, colours and contrasts, I love to travel, swimming, dancing, cooking…I plan to get a puppy before I reach 50 and hopefully start gardening some way or another (wish me luck with that, I don’t even have a garden, yet :-)).

My adventure in the world of scrapbooking started in 2009, on a dark winter night, in Sweden. Back then it helped me a lot with my worries and it helped against boredom too. Also, it was perfect to relax after long hours spent translating in front of the computer.

I believe there is extremely high value in creating lovely experiences (and Positive Psychology confirmed that for me), that you will want to keep coming back to. It’s these moments that you take photos of. And it’s in my albums that you want to keep those memories, I hope :-). And, because I don’t like repeating myself, my albums are unique and therefore only available in 1 copy.

I started sharing my hobby with the kids and kept doing this for the last 9 years, until the pandemic hit us pretty hard and brought a trauma in our family. Scrapbooking was there for me like a life-vest: saving me from sinking. This is when I experienced the highly therapeutic power of scrapbooking (in 2021 I created more albums than ever – 48).

Anyway, as I was going through the PTSD caused by the trauma that came with Covid, I was looking for ways to feel better and this is how I found out about MBSR –“Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction” – a 8-week long programme, that includes daily meditation practice. Looking back, I can honestly say that meditation is the one thing that healed me from my trauma. And im so grateful for that, for finding it just at the right moment. And actually for the whole thing that led to this. Im extremely grateful that this trauma led to growth in my case.

And im saying this also because, after I finished the MBSR programme, I followed my old interest in psychology and took on 3 more courses. And so now im a Positive Psychology and Mindfulness Coach. And im putting my own experience and everything I learned to your service through ReWiring courses and my free “ReCreative Mindfulnessworkshops.

Thank you so much for your visit and I hope you will find these courses highly useful.