My name is Veronica and I live in Craiova, Romania. Im a technical translator and language teacher by day, and a scrapbooking artist in my free time. I love scrapbooking, colour and contrasts, I love to travel, swimming, dancing, cooking…I plan to get a puppy before I reach 50 and hopefully start gardening some way or another (wish me luck with that, I have no garden :)).

Your memories are your life. And my passion is creating handmade albums especially for your memories. I believe there is extremely high value in creating lovely experiences, that you will want to keep coming back to. It’s these moments that you take photos of. And it’s in these albums that you want to keep those memories.

My adventure in the world of scrapbooking started thirteen years ago, on a dark winter night, in Sweden. It’s then that I got my first scrapbooking beginner’s kit from my friend, as a Christmas gift and I still remember my excitement. I started shy, with cards and small album pages for my family and friends.

In time, I developed my scrapbooking techniques and even tried mixed-media for 3 years. But then I realised my one true love is scrapbooking and started sharing my hobby with the children. Their enthusiasm is unbelievably contagious and motivational. I kept doing this for the last nine years, until the pandemic hit us pretty hard.
This is when I experienced the
highly therapeutic power of scrapbooking (in the last year I created more albums than ever – 48). And, by the way, my albums are unique, because I don’t like repeating myself. And now im putting this therapeutic power to work at my workshops Scrapbooking for mindfulness“.

Thank you so much for your visit and I hope you will enjoy your albums!