We are a bilingual and intercultural family providing professional translation solutions specializing in 5 European languages:

German, English, French, Romanian and Swedish.
17 years of translation work combined with 18 years of IT and technical work is what backs up the success of our business. Being fast, punctual and flexible, we offer our clients affordable solutions, coordinated services, prosperous cooperation and therefore high-quality translations.

We are result-oriented translators with significant and progressive experience, providing a high standard of accuracy, consistency and faithfulness to the spirit. Respecting the style and nuances of the original texts, we have a good grasp of the subject matter and take into account the difficulty of the text and the specified deadlines. We are computer-literate performers with extensive technical proficiency covering a wide range of applications and software programs.

Being 100% professional, we only translate into our mother-tongues and therefore offer translation solutions in the following 4 linguistic pairs:

DE > RO                             EN > RO                             FR > RO                                     EN > SWE

Our package of services includes:

Translation                                 Editing and/or Proofreading                                  Localization

• Advertising
• Business General
• Engineering (mechanical, land transport)
• Environmental
• Industry
• IT (software)
• Marketing
• Medical
• Quality Management
• Safety Regulations
• Technology
• User Manuals
• Web Pages

We work using CAT tools like Trados and other online tools, ensuring terminology consistency and creation of TMs. For large-volume projects we offer rebates from the standard rate per word.

Please do not hesitate to give us a sign should you have a document that you need translated in a professional and timely manner.