Being a bilingual and intercultural family and having in-depth linguistic studies (Bachelor degree), we offer training in the following languages:

Swedish (SFI style), German, French and English

These are available in a wide range of structures, but basically they are divided by age groups like this:

SWEDISH – children over 7 years, pupils of 14-18 years (wanting to go to university courses in Scandinavia), students, professionals. These are normally given to Romanian citizens wanting to establish themselves in Sweden.

GERMAN, ENGLISH, FRENCH – 7 – 14 yo. These are normally given to Romanian pupils who need help in school.

Course length: each unit has 45 minutes. The total duration of a course is established with every person, based on their needs, but it will always be of minimum 10 units.

We work with groups no bigger than 4 pupils.

Please contact us for any further details.