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About Us
Legal Notice
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MV Creative Technologies is a limited liability company established in 2013 in Romania. We are a family-based business offering 3 different types of services.

Being a perfect symbiosis between educational formation and hobby, our company offers professional translation and technology services (backed up by 27 years of experience), on one hand, and the opportunity to stay creative and add a splash of colour to life, on the other hand.

The Creativity section of our business is actually divided in 3 "branches":

- the shop, where you can buy your own scrapbooking products

- the workshops, where you can learn how to scrapbook and create the most wonderful and original decorations, make new friends and socialize some more and

- the "good-to-go" handmade personalized albums, for the very busy ones

Feel free to take a look at the section(s) that interests you the most and donĀ“t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.